Herbalife Melbourne Independent Distributor Weight Loss

Herbalife Melbourne Distributor Weight Loss

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It’s great here your Melbourne Herbalife independent distributor since 1988

We have over 30 years experience as a Herbalife independent distributor to help you get amazing results.

“I have always been overweight since my teenage years, Iam so lucky I found Herbalife, to date I have reduced my weight by 15kg and 18cm from my waist, I can see light at the end of the tunnel, loving these nutritional products” Erin Brady, St Kilda, Melbourne

Way back in 1988 I personally got started as a customer on the products, I started on a QuickStart program and quickly had amazing results, my energy just went through the roof by about the second day. I lost 5kg in 4 weeks and you know just started feeling healthier than I’ve ever felt before. And since then I’ve easily kept my weight loss off for over 30 years.

As a result of my amazing weight loss and energy results and just overall transformation with my health it inspired me to get straight into the Herbalife business, and since then I’ve helped over 10,000 people. These results are not typical individual results will vary.


If you have any questions or need any help at all please simply call this mobile number 0414 742 905 or click the live chat button, or click the contact us button, or click the pink health assessment button, and we will quickly get back to you with the best weight loss product recommendations for your weight loss goals.

Super Nutrition Weight Loss Programs For You…

I will now go over our most popular weight loss programs to help you make a choice for your own weight loss goals. ok I’ll start with a Shape-Up program it’s great starter program for you first first you get the Formala one meal replacement shake, it comes in five different flavours, but you’ve actually got infinite flavours you can mix up because you can throw in your favourite fruit. okay and different things, just to give you an idea click on the shape recipes button and you know this is just the tip of the iceberg, this page gives you great ideas for your different shakes, so there’s really infinite flavours. You also get the Multivitamin Complex to help you with optimum health, and you also get the cellulose supplement to help you with you know getting rid of excess fluid and the inch loss. And if you’d like to turbocharge results with the shape up program a good product to do that to turbocharge results is with the Instant Herbal Beverage, it’s an amazing tea you can have in between your shakes, and you can have it hot or cold, you can add milk and sugar, personally I add milk and honey. Okay so there’s lots of ways to have your tea to really help turbocharged your results.

Next we have the QuickStart program which is two extra products on top of the shape-up program you get the Active Fibre Complex, it’s a special fibre product you’ll add to your shakes to help get the fat out of your food, it also helps with your appetite. You also get the energy supplement to help you with energy right through your days.

Next program will have the Advanced program which is the QuickStart program plus the Instant Herbal Beverage. Next program we’ll have we have the Ultimate program the Ultimate program is a Quickest program you get the QuickStart program plus the Instant Herbal Beverage plus you get an extra two products for your digestive system you get the Herbal Aloe Concentrate and the Probiotic Complex, to help you get even quicker and easier results.

Next program have the Protein Plus Starter program it’s a great program if you need help with your appetite. You get the Formal One shake, the Protein Powder which you simply add to your shakes to help you give it give you a feeling of fullness all day, and you get the Multivitamin Complex.

Losing Your Weight is as Simple as 3,2,1…

To lose weight when our product is really as simple as three two one, you just have your supplements three times a day, you have two of the shakes twice a day, and you have your one main meal and you can still enjoy your favourite food for your main meal. So the whole thing’s very simple and super effective.

To order your products it’s very simple you can simply call this mobile number 0414 742 905 or to order online simply click the shop now’ button on any of our products takes you through to the upgraded Herbalife shopping cart which is supreme-wellness.goherbalife.com when you get on the Herbalife upgraded shopping cart the first thing to do is to click on the blue register to shop button that’ll only takes a few seconds, it gets your register on the site you can then see all the products prices and you can do your online ordering. It’s very simple you’ve got the different categories weight management etc programs. Ok just simply add the products you cart. For payment it’s very simple you can pay with a credit card or debit card or PayPal or direct deposit you know whatever best what whatever method is best to you.

You get FREE super fast delivery, usually next day delivery to your front door, or to your work, or your p.o box whatever is best for you.

If you have any questions at all we’ll need any help please simply call this mobile number 0414 742 905 or click the live chat button, or click the contact us button, or click the pink health assessment button, we will quickly help you get amazing results.

Get yourself slim and super healthy now simply order your Herbalife products today

Herbalife Melbourne Distributor Weight Loss

Thank you and have your very best day.

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