Herbalife Brisbane Distributor Weight Loss 0414 742 905

Herbalife Brisbane Distributor Weight Loss 0414 742 905

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Another fantastic day here in Brisbane, I hope you are having a tremendous day too.

It’s Greg here your Brisbane Herbalife independent distributor since 1988.

Look we have over 30 years experience as a Brisbane Herbalife independent distributor to help you get amazing results with your overall health and energy & weight loss.

Easy Weight Loss – 5kg in 4 Weeks…

I got started as a customer on the Herbalife products, I started with this QuickStart program and it was way back in 1988. I quickly lost 5 kilograms in four weeks, my energy was just amazing you know my increase in energy was really quick by about the second day. I’ve easily kept my weight loss and inch loss off for over 30 years.

The amazing transformation I experienced on the Herbalife products with my amazing weight loss and energy increase etc inspired me to get straight into the Herbalife business and since then I’ve helped over 10,000 people. These results are not typical individual results will vary.

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If you need any help or if you have any questions at all please simply call this mobile number 0414 742 905 or click the live support button, or click contact us button, or click the pink bonus health assessment button, and we will quickly help you with you know the best products for your goals.

“I was struggling to lose weight for many years, then I was lucky enough to discover Herbalife, when I noticed a girlfriend at work slimming down and having lots more energy. So Far I have easily lost 4kg in my first month, Iam excited” Pam Abbott, East Brisbane

These results are not typical individual results will vary.

I’ll simply do a quick rundown of our most popular weight loss programs to help you make a selection.

I’ll start off with the Shape-Up program, the shape-up program it’s a great starter program it’s really easy to use products you get the Formula One shake mix which comes in five different flavours, french vanilla, dutch chocolate, cookies and cream, berry, and mint chocolate. I find by far the most popular is the french vanilla and dutch chocolate. Simply click on the shake recipes button it gives you an idea of you know the infinite flavours you can make with yourshakes by adding different fruit and stuff and they taste delicious. I personally mix using banana smoothies or mango smoothies. You also get the Multivitamin Complex to help you with optimum health. You also get the Cell-u-loss supplement to help you with inch loss and to help you get rid of the excess fluid.

Losing Weight Very Simple – 3,2,1…

To lose weight on the products really as simple as 3,2,1 you just simply have your supplements three times a day with each with the shakes in your main meal, you have two shakes a day you just simply substitute two meals with your shakes, most people will have it for breakfast and lunch. Then you then you still enjoy your favourite food for your main meal. You’re going to have your shakes and your main meal any time of the day.

“I have never had so much energy, I have reduced 5kg so far and counting, my skin is looking sexy too” Suzy Clumpoint, Cleveland, Brisbane

These results are not typical individual results will vary.

Next program is a QuickStart program with a QuickStart program you get the Formula One shake you get the Multivitamin complex, Cell-U-Loss supplement, and you get the Active Fibre Complex. It’s a powder you add to your shakes you know to help absorb the fat out of your food, and you also get the energy supplement to help you with great energy right through your day.

Next program is the Advanced program with the Advanced program you get what I just mentioned in the QuickStart program, plus you get the Instant Herbal Beverage, it’s an exciting tea product you can have in between your shakes to help turbocharged your results.

Next program is the Ultimate program with the Ultimate program it has 8 different super products, you get the QuickStart program plus the Instant Herbal Beverage, plus you get an extra two products to help your digestive system, you get the Herbal Aloe Concentrate and the Probiotic Complex, to help you know your results be easier and quicker.

Simply Ordering…

To order your Herbalife products you can simply call this mobile number 0414 742 905 or to order online simply click the shop now button that’s on all of the products that will take you through to the upgraded Herbalife shopping cart. Once you get on the upgraded shopping cart first thing to do is simply click this register sure to shop button, only takes a few seconds to get registered then you can see all the prices and to do your online order. It’s very simply to scale across to these categories weight management etc and just add the product to your cart it’s all very very simple and totally secure. For payment you can pay by credit card, or debit card, or PayPal, or direct deposit whatever’s best for you.

FREE Fast Delivery…

You get FREE super fast delivery, usually next day delivery to your front door, to your work, or your P.O box, whatever is best for you.

If you have any questions at all or need any help with anything please simply call this mobile number 0414 742 905 or click the live chat button, or click the contact us button, or click the pink health assessment button.

Get yourself slim and super healthy simply order your Herbalife products today.

Herbalife Brisbane Distributor Weight Loss 0414 742 905

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