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Wow – Bonita lost 40 kg & 5 dress sizes!

Herbalife Australia weight loss

   Very overweight, bad digestion and a slow metabolism…

“I was 40 kg overweight, suffered bad eczema, bad indigestion and a slow metabolism after many years of up & down dieting and an unhealthy pregnancy.

   I was skeptical…

I was skeptical to start another weight loss program, only to be disappointed again. The 1st thing I noticed was a great boost in my energy and a soothing of my digestion problems.

  Lost 40kg and kept it off…

My health issues have now cleared up and I have reduced by 5 dress sizes, lost 40 kg and have kept my weightloss off for over 12 months now

These results are not typical. Individual results will vary

Yes – You will find losing your excess kg’s & inches & feeling super healthy with your Herbalife products much easier than falling off your chair.

“Inches are now simply dropping off my body, exactly where I want to lose inches – wow – Iam so so grateful !”    Maureen Lockie,  Geelong
These results are not typical. Individual results will vary

The key to this incredibly successful healthy weightloss program is in the optimum nutrition. Your Herbal products are the healthy weightloss way for you to lose weight now and to keep your weight & inch loss off forever.

Forget the: fad diet plan, the one day diet plan, the grapefruit diet plan, the cabbage diet plan, and the liquid diet plan — our range of nutritionally-balanced healthy weight loss products will help YOU lose kilos now, achieve your best natural health, and make YOU look & feel like a brand new person.

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“You have helped me to look & feel my very best !”

Professional help…

“Thank you so much for your great professional help – I have now lost 10kg & 57cm overall.

Simply the best results ever…

my weight loss results have never worked this well before”

Jacqui Mckenzie

These results are not typical. Individual results will vary

“Breastfeeding mum – 10kg weight  reduction”

Craving high calorie sweet food – I gained 10kg while pregnant…

“While I was pregnant I gained 10kg. Through out my pregnancy I was craving sweet junk food. I recently tried the Tony Ferguson very low calorie diet, but this Tony Ferguson weightloss diet left me feeling hungry and lacking a lot of energy, as it has not got the complete balanced nutrition the this nutritionally balanced program has.

Throughout my breastfeeding – easy effective weight loss,
now Iam enjoying slim stylish clothes…

I achieved easy weightloss results with the Advanced program – I quickly lost 10 kilos in just 9 weeks while breast feeding, with no cravings. I can now fit nicely into my favourite sexy little black dress, I’ll be looking nice and slim in my bikini at the beach this summer !”

Maggie Roberts

These results are not typical. Individual results will vary

“Slim Like My Teenage Years – 6kg slimmer”

Amazing transformation in my health & appearance…

Since starting on the Ultimate program & Herbal Aloe Concentrate Iam so overwhelmed with the exciting transformation in my health, Iam now able to eat foods that I was unable to ever eat before, Iam now 6 kilos slimmer and have tons of energy, I lost 6kg quickly, these amazing products have dramatically changed my health & life – definitely quick life changing results.”

Leanne Ellice

These results are not typical. Individual results will vary

“I lost 9kg working at McDonalds “

“I was an over weight fat child and teen weighing 84kg and lacking energy.

I tried many fad diets…

I tried every weight loss method out there, which left me tired with no weight loss results.

So lucky I discovered these yummy shakes & nutrition…

My sister in Tamworth now looked amazing with her shakes & supplements, she recommended I start on the Quickstart program which I quickly did. I simply whip up a quick healthy smoothie shake recipe and I just love the taste of the protein weight-loss shakes & Protein Bar snacks.

Quickly reduced my body by 9kg…

I’ve already dropped from 84kg to 75kg, that’s 9 kilos of unwanted fat I don’t have to lug around now. I simply have a cup of the Instant Beverage green tea before my daily aerobic exercise, a 45 minute walk.

I now feel turbo charged…

My skin and hair are now shining with health too. This is the best results I could have hoped for. I know I’ll be slim & reach my goal weight of 70kg soon – I love these products – Herbalife Rocks Dude !”

Terry Braids

These results are not typical. Individual results will vary

“I lost 15kg & energised”

Through my pregnancy I was plump & sluggish…

“Through my pregnancy and after my 2nd child was born I was over weight, plump and I was lacking energy. I tried the Atkins low carb diet food but I found this was too high in fat to be healthy for me. I also tried sureslim – but I felt hungry on the sureslim program.

8 weeks – 10kg reduction…

On the Advanced program I reduced 10kg in 8 weeks, then went on to lose 15kg in just 14 weeks, I’ve gone from 80kg – 65kg, and I lost 12cm – waist & 18cm – hips. With 15 kilos less weight to carry around Iam much happier.

Quick energy gain, big spring in my step…

I noticed my energy was amazing by about the 3rd day on the products – I’ve never had this much rapid energy ! My body is now slim, have exciting energy, and just feel so healthy. My tip is I recommend the Herbalife products to everyone for energizing natural kg loss & quick inch loss and to simply feel super-healthy”

Helen Sutton

These results are not typical. Individual results will vary
herbalife near me australia

“I lost 11kg/14cm body fat – waist”

Iam feeling a lot lighter now…

“WOW ! I wanted to slim down. I lost 6kg in 7 weeks, then lost 11kg & 14cm of body fat-waist in 12 weeks, and I’ve kept it off for 12 years.

Tracy Elliott

These results are not typical. Individual results will vary

“5kg lighter, kept weight loss off for 26 years”

Enjoying optimum health for over 26 years…

“”I’ve been enjoying the life changing range of these herbal based products for over 26 years.

Shakes are so yummy, lots of variety…

I was immediately impressed with the delicious taste of the weight loss shakes & was able to get off to a great optimistic start – I easily lost 5kg of fat in 3 weeks. I noticed fast fat loss from my waist. By the 2nd day my pure energy had skyrocketed straight past the moon!”

Maintained my 5kg weight loss for 26 years…

I have kept my 5 kilo weight loss off for over 26 years. I am a natural weightloss picture of health and wellness. The Herbal life diet products are by far (by a country mile) the best herbal health products in the universe! Optimum health for me makes everything more enjoyable.”

Graham Weslowski

These results are not typical. Individual results will vary

Get yourself strapped in – the Herbalife weight loss program can skyrocket your health and your stamina to levels you have never felt before ! – Herbalife products are so exciting for you !

Get the slim slim “spring in your step” body you have a burning desire for – right now !

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Over 38 years of an amazing weight loss success story. Herbalife International is the world leader in the health nutrition weight loss programme, and personal care product industries. Herbalife now operates in over 95 countries, Herballife has helped over 40 million people just like you – to lose weight naturally, and to lose weight safely, gain optimum health and wellness and new vitality health. With over 40 million Herbal life weight loss success stories – simply the very best for you !

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Your Expert Herbalife Australia weight loss distributor  – Greg Jameson – has helped 1,000’s of people just like you right across Australia to lose weight naturally, and supplying the best ways for you to lose weight now, and to gain the best natural health and wellness – which means you can have 100% confidence as you will get helped by a Herbalife distributor with a truck-load of experience and has a truck-load of tips for you – to get your body slim and your body turbo-charged – right now.

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